Three new iPads might be released today, alongside the iPadOS 16

Three new iPads might be released today, alongside the iPadOS 16 ...

If you haven''t tried to get a new iPad Pro, then your wait might begin soon, and it''s probable that the iPad Pro line will be announced sometime today (October 18).

According to Mark Gurman, who has an excellent track record for Apple information, and while he is the only source to point to today, others believe the launch should be imminent.

Multiple leakers said the iPad Pro 2022 will come to the market in October, and Gurman has also noted (opens in a new tab) that most iPad Pro versions are now out of stock at many Apple stores across the United States, with shipping estimates falling until November.

If it wasn''t obvious with the days away formula from Saturday, the launch should be tomorrow. 17, 2022

Because Apple would be unlikely to have stock issues with these models, the fact that the company has allowed them to exit stock suggests that they will be replaced.

Apple has a tendency to release new products on Tuesdays, with the iPad Pro 2021 line being announced on a Tuesday, for example. As a result, although we cant be certain that today is the day when the iPad Pro 2022 line is up, the prospect is quite promising, and if not today, then these slates will be very likely.

Analysis: A new basic iPad and iPadOS 16.1 as well

Apple is planning to release the iPad Pro 11 (2022) and iPad Pro 12.9 (2022), although leaks suggest that there may be a fresh standard iPad (2022) as well, but there might be additional options at both ends of the Apple tablet line.

Plus, were still waiting for the iPadOS 16 or rather iPadOS 16.1, as Apple is shifting straight to that for the final release. Leaks suggest that this will be announced in October, and that announcing it alongside new hardware would make sense.

The actual shipping date of these new best iPad contenders might come a bit later, but at least we might have those dates soon. Don''t expect a big affair for this, though leaks suggest that today''s announcement if it happens in the next few hours will be done via press release.