LG now has a 32-inch 4K smart monitor that has built-in AirPlay 2, 65W USB-C, and a new 32-inch 4K monitor

LG now has a 32-inch 4K smart monitor that has built-in AirPlay 2, 65W USB-C, and a new 32-inch 4K m ...

LG''s new monitors have been on a roll this year, and today, they''re getting a first look at the latest addition to its lineup. Taking on Samsung and other brands who have connected workstation displays, the new LG Smart Monitor now has built-in webOS streaming capabilities to complement its 32-inch 4K panel, AirPlay 2 support, and USB-C connectivity.

LG Smart Monitor takes on Samsung

The entire smart monitor part of the desktop accessory industry really started kicking off when Samsung first introduced its first version of the connected display last year. Since then, several models of the all-in-one design have appeared on the market, including the recently released M8 Smart Monitor, which now has an iMac-inspired design. Now LG is looking to capitalize on many of the same selling points with its all-new 32SQ780S LG Smart Monitor.

LG isnt too late on previous releases in terms of design. The addition of its new Smart Monitor is primarily related to other products in its Ergo series, although it does not come in a white finish instead of the usual black plastic bezels. Its 32-inch 4K panel is backed by a pair of HDMI ports as well as a single USB-A input and Gigabit Ethernet. The real star of the show is the USB-C port, which can dish out 65W of power passthrough to

The main features that give the LG Smart Monitor the most attractive features. The entire package comes powered by the same webOS technology that youllll find in LG smart TVs. With webOS22, you will be able to access information from a wide range of applications and services, like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, as well as access smart home dashboards and more. Apples AirPlay 2 is also supported by a screen sharing feature and other features from the smart department.

The 16:18 Ergo DualUp Monitor comes with a range of Ergo stands. Its adjustable mount mount mount mounts to your desk or workstation and features a multi-angle arm that allows you to adjust where the monitor is placed on your desk and how far away it is from the wall. There is also a nice feature in that this includes allows you to rotate the entire package in a vertical orientation.

The 32SQ780S LG Smart Monitor, which has just been released on Amazon, should be officially launched in the near future. Pricing is set at $499.99, although you will have to wait until the time being to officially secure your order. Were expecting a more glamful revelation in the next days.