With this 30 day Challenge, you can learn more about Microsoft Graph and win prizes

With this 30 day Challenge, you can learn more about Microsoft Graph and win prizes ...

Microsoft is now offering a 30-day Microsoft Graph Challenge learning program for students, fresh graduates, and professionals. Through the program, participants will not only gain new knowledge that will guide them to the next level in their careers, but they will also gain rewards while on it. The challenge will take place from November 1 to November 30.

Users will be able to access the data and intelligence across Microsoft 365 core services during this cycle. First, all participants will be required to go through all of the learning materials throughout the month. Microsoft''s official social accounts will also have the chance to record a YouTube short video for the developer.

Next up, is the final and most important challenge that participants will encounter. During the third week of the challenge, you will have to submit a capstone project proposal for an app scenario with Microsoft Graph. Microsoft has already provided top Microsoft Graph Scenarios, which you may select from.

If you want to do something differently, please make sure you include a project proposal on GitHub, which will not result in similar projects. Both Microsoft 365 Advocacy Directors and Microsoft Graph Product Group Directors will be able to mentor the top four winners of their capstone projects, while also having a chance to appear on Show & Tell video series for Microsoft 365 Developer YouTube.

Apart from the gifts, participants will gain access to a lot of learning resources, interaction with GitHub discussion experts, and 8 live replay sessions. Register for the challenge to get these prizes. Each participant must have a Microsoft 365 Developer account, an active GitHub Student Developer Account and a GitHub Student Developer Account.