The Android 12 update from Chromecast has provided a massive upgrade with a big punch

The Android 12 update from Chromecast has provided a massive upgrade with a big punch ...

Android 12 has gotten a fantastic new feature from the Chromecast with Google TV 4K, but it might sound odd when Android 13 was dropped in August, and this is true for film-lovers and anyone who wants their streaming to look correct.

As FlatPanelsHD (opens in a new tab) notes, the fine print for this update includes "New! Match content frame rate allows you to switch between refresh rates." This is huge for anyone who believes films just don''t look right on the Chromecast.

If you''ve ever noticed that the motion in movies just does not appear right, then this might be a result of something called judder. This is due to streaming devices rendering films at the wrong framerate, though your streaming service of choice must be able to provide the film at the correct framerate.

What''s the catch? Well, you need a 120Hz TV, which allows you to divide 120 by 24. Only with one of those televisions should you go looking for the Match content frame rate in the Chromecast with Google TV, and select the first or second of these three options: Seamless, Non-seamless, and Never.

Roku''s long had this feature (Settings > System > Advanced display settings > Auto-adjust display refresh rate), as with Apple TV (Settings > Video and Audio > Match Content) and Fire TV (Settings > Display & Sound > Display > Match Original Frame Rate).

Analysis: Why this matters

The 24fps films are often incorrectly delivered, partly because you can''t divide 60 by 24 evenly. This causes one frame of a film to display for two refreshes, and a subsequent frame to display for three seconds.

This odd and unsettling pattern makes movies look wrong, and it''s called "juddering." This shouldn''t be confused with stuttering video, but it''s the kind of flaw that''s slowly being removed.

When you''re watching a movie or show with a slow camera pan, say No Country For Old Men, you''ll likely notice uneven motion as the camera moves across a plane.

Chromecast can be seen on Android 12 as well as Google TV 4K.

Android 12 is also offering a Chromecast with Google TV additional privacy switches for connected cameras and microphones, and upgrading its security patching to the levels of July 2022.

Both HDR and surround sound settings have been added, allowing you to choose your favorite options.