Before the Indias Festival of Lights, Google Search Easter Egg for Diwali lights up your browser

Before the Indias Festival of Lights, Google Search Easter Egg for Diwali lights up your browser ...

Indien prepares for one of its biggest Diwali festivals, with an Easter egg, or a hidden feature, on its search engine to revel in the spirit of the lights festival. Depending on how many earthen lamps used to the screen, those who have now type Diwali'' will see an animated earthen lamp that is already illuminated. Swiping the cursor over them may also help you move forward.

The social media giant demanded that an Easter egg be included in the software that must be activated by the user to be visible or functional in a tweet via its Twitter account.

:diya_lamp:surprise:diya_lamp::diya_lamp: :diya_lamp: diya_lamp:search Diwali:diya_lamp:surprise:diya_lamp: diya_lamp:surprise:diya_lamp: diya_lamp:surprise:diya_lamp:

On Twitter, users recorded recordings of the floating earthen lamps on the Google search results page.

Once all animated lamps on screen are lit, they arrange themselves to appear as a constellation of burning lamps before disappearing from the screen.

In time for Diwali 2020, [Google(] revealed a nearly identical feature.

Remember how that first diya is always used to brighten up the rest? See it come alive on your Google search, today. Enter "Diwali" on your Google search and click on the Diya icon :)

Google often enlists new animations and hidden features that may be filled with specific keywords.

If one had to search for the characters of the popular sitcom series Friends, one search result will show several variations in animations.

Google displays Chandler Bing''s character played by Matthew Perry in the 1994 film. Chandler''s pet chick and duck is released from the show to adjust the speed of the film.

A soap-soaked sponge cleaner appears on the screen and wipes everything else for Monica Geller''s character. Geller, played by Courtney Cox, was stoked for cleanliness, which appears to have influenced the hidden feature on the search engine.

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