The Samsung Galaxy S23 benchmarks have actually defeated iPhone 14 in the same way

The Samsung Galaxy S23 benchmarks have actually defeated iPhone 14 in the same way ...

The first Samsung Galaxy S23 benchmarks seem to have been leaked, and Apple might be concerned if they are accurate to the final product.

The results (opens in a new tab) from a Geekbench 5 entry for an unnamed Samsung device by GalaxyClub (opens in a new tab) show results that beat the impressive iPhone 14 and its A15 Bionic chip on multi-core performance.

While the iPhone still gains on single-core performance, this is impressive performance for an Android phone, as iPhones have outperformed even the best Android phones on benchmarks for years.

Geekbench 5 scores vs competition in Galaxy S23 leaked.

Single-core Multi-core
Galaxy S231,5244,597
iPhone 141,7274,553
iPhone 14 Pro 1,8915,469

This alleged Galaxy S23 benchmark shows the phone is utilizing a Snapdragon chipset (as indicated by the arrangement of cores) and probably the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 that''s previously supposedly for the Galaxy S23 series. This might be the base, Plus, or Galaxy S23 Ultra models, as well as 8GB RAM.

The S23 model''s results for the Geekbench 5 are 1.524 for single core and 4,597 for multi core, compared to 1,727/4,553 for the iPhone 14. To be fair, the iPhone 14 is using the same chip from the iPhone 13 Pro Series, but it''s still quite troubling to see Samsung recuperating.

The A16 Bionic, which is powered by the iPhone 14 Pro, would still seem to be the champion, but it also scored 1,891 and 5,469.

On the hardware front, the chipset might be all that significant changes from the Galaxy S22 to the Galaxy S23. There are no other upgrades to the Galaxy S23 or S23 Plus, with only a slight redesign likely on the way to help differentiate them from their predecessors.

We''d anticipate enhancements to new camera features and computational photography for the S23 lineup, but we''re optimistic that the phones will be more powerful so that they can last longer.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will supposedly include a new high-res 200MP main camera and an improved display as well as the new chip.

Other rumors suggest that Samsung will only use the Snapdragon chip in the United States and several other countries. The Galaxy S23 may not offer as impressive performance as it did previous years'''' comparisons.

We''re just as curious to know if these are true as you are. There are rumors that we might see a launch as early as mid-January. In the meantime, check out our Galaxy S23 hub and Galaxy S23 Ultra hub for all of the latest information and announcements.