Businesses are increasing their surveillance efforts

Businesses are increasing their surveillance efforts ...

According to Thales, businesses are becoming more adept at cryptic techniques. More than four in ten (41%) of respondents in the survey said their organization has a unified encryption strategy, which is used all over the country.

What''s fascinating as well as that for the first time since Thales started making these reports (12 years), business unit managers have greater influence on these things than IT operations.


According to the study, two thirds (67%) use one of two routes: they either perform on-premise encryption, or send the data into the cloud (opens in a new tab), where it is encrypted using on-premise key.

Nearly 4% of respondents said their businesses give cloud providers complete control of key and encryption techniques.

According to Dr. Larry Ponemon, the rise of encryption strategies in the business underscores the proliferation of mega breaches and cyberattacks, as well as the need to safeguard a broadening spectrum of sensitive data types.

Simply put, the stakes in organizations are too high for them to stand by and anticipate a fatal attack before adopting a sophisticated data protection strategy. Encryption and key management continue to play a significant role in these strategies.

A third (31%) are either using, or planning to use HSMs (Hardware Security Modules) alongside the BYOK deployments (Bring Your Own Key). Both HSM and CASB use are expected to double in the next year, up from 12 to 24 percent.