SDP is being developed by companies to increase remote work

SDP is being developed by companies to increase remote work ...

Enterprise VPNs (opens in a new tab) will eventually make way for software-defined perimeters (SDP), but this change is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

According to a recent report from NetMotion, companies are speculating that SDP would be adopted, but the VPN still has a lot of potential.

According to a survey of roughly 630 IT and security professionals, almost nine in ten (87 percent) enterprises use a VPN today. Nearly two thirds (63 percent) plan to still use one technology by the end of 2022, while just under half (45 percent) intend to use the technology for more than three years.

The transition

According to a study, enterprises have excessive on-premise technology, which is causing concern. More precisely, 98% have at least one on-premise application, and three quarters (75 percent) have at least four.

Despite the growing number of vendors providing SDP solutions (opens in a new tab) is continuing to rise. According to NetMotion, the market consisting of only ten providers two years ago, but that figure has risen to more than 30, an indication of the category''s remarkable growth.

According to a survey, four out of five organizations are considering adopting a SDP solution because to the increase in remote working caused by the epidemic. Among those who surveyed, seven out of every ten indicated they will contemplate adopting a solution within a year.