The majority of businesses have still no longer having a secure remote access system

The majority of businesses have still no longer having a secure remote access system ...

Most businesses today are doing their best to allow as many of their employees to work from home. However, security remains a major obstacle.

According to a new survey from cloud (opens in a new tab) security company Zscaler, only a third of decision-makers are convinced they have a secure remote access facility.

For the analysis, 606 CIOs, CISOs, and heads of network architecture in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, and the Netherlands were interviewed, all of which came from companies with 3,000+ employees.

The majority of businesses are connected to the cloud, and about half believe that the number of remote workers will rise to 50 percent next year.

Obstacles to digital transformation

Security remains the main obstacle to digital transformation, with this year''s problem actually worsening. In most cases, businesses are concerned about the lack of inside expertise and the actual complexity of the challenges they will encounter.

Some respondents are looking at new security solutions to the problem of the growing remote workforce; most are planning to adopt SASE (opens in a new tab) (secure-access service edge), either by transitioning all entities at the same time, or by transitioning separate entities over a prolonged period.

SASE offers numerous benefits, but security is the main theme for the transformation, according to the study. It outlines that it reduces the possibility of security threats and data loss across distributed data, improves network visibility and control among users and cloud platforms, and reduces infrastructure complexity.