Business productivity is being hampered by poor connectivity

Business productivity is being hampered by poor connectivity ...

According to a new study, connectivity limitations that put the UK''s Wide Area Networks (WAN) at risk of a significant decrease in productivity.

Business with ten 49 office offices are experiencing more network difficulties than others, according to a survey from Most of the time, mid-level employees who are struggling, including security engineers. With just 3.1 percent of CEOs reporting connectivity issues, they are least frustrated of all.

Among those who are facing connectivity difficulties, they are mostly frustrated with limited application time, decreased business performance, increased costs, and poor adaptability. More than half of the respondents reported connectivity difficulties.

Frustrations with WAN

According to a preliminary analysis, employees may opt for unsecured networks as a solution, especially those working from home. This is extremely risky for businesses, as it opens them up to a wide spectrum of threats.

Despite the fact that almost half of companies (45 percent) are non-optimal in introducing secure internet connectivity to their business network, reducing the risk, according to Bill Strain, the CEO of iomart.

Despite cost concerns, businesses may be reluctant to invest in network security, but the security risks of an unstable network might sag in the event of a failure, according to the author.

Remote workers are more susceptible to ransomware (opens in a new tab), viruses, or hacking, as critical office security measures are less likely to be implemented. Investing in secure connectivity will help minimize potential dangers from bad actors and improve long-term business productivity and performance.

On this link, the full report of Iomarts can be found (opens in a new tab).