This Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card has a new feature, which you will never forget

This Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card has a new feature, which you will never forget ...

If you are worried about a massive graphics card, here''s a fascinating concept for the RTX 4090: a built-in spirit level.

Yes, you have read that correctly: a European graphics card manufacturer branded Manli has developed the idea of incorporating a spirit level (actually a pair of them) into the board itself, on the side.

The phenomenon of sag is where the graphics card is so large and heavy that it pulls down on the PCIe slot and the motherboard its attached to, which, over the years, has the potential to damage those components (or the card itself).

The Manli Gallardo RTX 4090 is equipped with two spirit levels so you can see if the board is sitting straight in its slot, or falling down at all, and as VideoCardz (opens in a new tab) discovered this, it also includes a support bracket to assist defend against the card''s falling down.

Note that there is a Chinese graphics card company, the name of which we will not mention, which allegedly stole the design from Manli and placed its own logo on the top instead, in a shameful press release (hence not mentioning the brand). Boo, hiss, and others.

Spirit levels in the material GPU world are being investigated, according to reports.

Manli emphasizes that the Gallardo RTX 4090 has a strengthened metal backplate (aluminum) for further structural rigidity, and is quite a smart-looking card. Although were not sure about the partial cover of one of the three fans, the metal shroud partially overlaying it. (That just cant be a good idea in terms of airflow, right?)

According to VideoCardz, this is a three-slot card, but on the Manli press release and specs it clearly states its 3.5-slot board, so around the expected size (and fairly hefty), but those options may assist as they are expected, and the spirit level system will let you know about any suspiciousness.

Anyway, what about a computer that isnt actually level or perhaps the desk on isnt level, or even the floor of the room isnt level? Equally, it may be argued that you might stick a spirit level on any board to check it first (with the PC turned off, naturally, and usual precautions taken), but the intention of this integrated effort is that it will always show, over time, if there is any concern.

With a support bracket in place, the situation remains quite gimmicky and there shouldnt be any problems, therefore Manli does not mention the Gallardo RTX 4090''s integrated spirit level system on its web page, either in the specifications or in a press release.

We have nothing against trying new ideas, but it does no harm to have the system present, even if we were really incorrect about the value added.