Update on the Android 13 Audio Output Switcher to choose cast devices that are now available: Details

Update on the Android 13 Audio Output Switcher to choose cast devices that are now available: Detail ...

Android 13 has already been available for Android Pixel smartphones. However, everyone who has received or is set to receive the milestone update has no idea how it works. While the audio output switcher has been present on Android smartphones for a while, Google has been spotted allowing users to swap playback between various devices and not just those connected and connected via Bluetooth. A demo of the audio playback on an Android 13 device that has already been approved for Android 13.

According to a blog post by Esper technical editor, Mishaal Rahman, Google has decided to revive the feature which originally appeared on Android 11. An update to the Google Cast SDK has now revealed that Android 13 may be output to not just local devices (Bluetooth devices) but also to remote devices (cast devices). A demo from Rahman shows how audio playback can simultaneously switch between devices (local or remote) or to multiple cast devices simultaneously. No one will be required to unlock their smartphone.

FINALLY! Google is reviving a feature originally planned for Android 11: the ability to select from Google Cast targets in the audio output switcher! This now requires Android 13, though. Here''s a first look and a sneak peek at an upcoming feature pic.twitter.com/X7sCJdWRTz.

Google has been working on the feature for a long time, but for reasons most known to the search giant, the feature was never released. However, there is a flaw, and it requires help from app developers.

The output switcher was first introduced with Android 11, but it has since only shown local capabilities being able to switch audio output between Bluetooth devices, such as speakers and earphones. Rahman believes that Google removed the use after introducing it and spreading it to developers back in 2020, despite the fact that it never took off. After a few weeks, apps should begin widely supporting the stream expansion feature, making the output switcher a lot more beneficial.

Google has begun rolling out a Google Search app that allows users to customize the Google Search widget directly from the home screen instead of digging deep into the app''s settings. The widget, like the audio output switcher, is not limited to Google Pixel branded smartphones but is available on all Android 13 devices.