Newborns with birth certificates will be eligible for Aadhaar enrolment in the United States soon

Newborns with birth certificates will be eligible for Aadhaar enrolment in the United States soon ...

Aadhaar enrolment for newborns along with birth certificates is expected to be available in all states in the coming months, with some 16 currently offering the facility, according to government sources. The process began more than one year ago, with several states becoming added in the long run.

The government agency that issues Aadhaar numbers anticipates that all states will be able to offer the facility in the coming months, giving new parents additional advantage.

After the child turns 5 and 15, no biometrics is taken. Their UID is processed using demographic information and a facial photo linked to the UID of their parents. So, a biometric update is required (ten fingers, iris, and facial photograph).

Today, over 1,000 state and central government schemes utilize Aadhaar for identification and authentication of potential beneficiaries, such as the transfer of benefits, and ensuring de-duplication. Around 650 schemes are comprised of state governments and 315 central government-run schemes, all of which utilize the Aadhaar ecosystem and its biometric authentication.

According to sources, the aim is now to ensure that Aadhaar has been issued at the time of birth along with the birth certificate. UIDAI is working with the Registrar General of India on the same process. Such states have been onboard.

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The complete list of states with Aadhaar Linked Birth Registration was not immediately available.

According to sources, a message pings to the UIDAI system in 16 states where a birth certificate is issued. Aadhaar is generated as soon as information such as the photo and address of the child is revealed in the system. In many cases, birth registrars are also Aadhaar enrolment agents, who will be able to enroll for Aadhaar.