Steams reimagined a mobile app with a QR-code login, and a new user interface is now available on Android and iOS

Steams reimagined a mobile app with a QR-code login, and a new user interface is now available on An ...

Steam''s revamped mobile app is now available for download on Android and iOS. Valve has dropped an official update, bringing a new user interface, and a slew of features, including QR-code sign-ins, customisable tabs, and smarter notifications. Instead of entering a Steam Guard code like OTP, the app was initially introduced in August, adding a bottom navigation screen that makes switching between pages a breeze.

Valve revealed the various features, including the Steam mobile app''s old and new features. First, we have a QR-code sign-in that eliminates the need to enter a username, password, or a Steam Guard code when signing in. Users may simply point their phone camera at the on-screen code, and get instant access. If they enter a device the old-fashioned way, they may initiate or reject the attempt.

The most significant upgrade to the Steam mobile app is the interface, which now includes a bottom-aligned navigation pane. This way, you may cycle between the storefront, news panel, security, notifications, and account settings. Although the Steam games library is far more impressive, thanks to a grid-like format that displays game posters as tiles. So, the remote download option allows you to install Steam games on your phone as long as the main system is online.

Valve''s new feature is a way to reassure users of the app''s capabilities. But you didn''t know we had a mobile app, according to the narrator in the video. Most Steam mobile app users are competitive, with the ability to add or remove friends, purchase new titles, and trade market confirmations. Annoying notifications can be filtered to your liking, and the Steam wallet balance is pasted right on the front page.

The Steam mobile app is available on Android and iOS devices out of beta.

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