Polygons have been chosen to assist the police in Firozabad's plain about blockchain

Polygons have been chosen to assist the police in Firozabad's plain about blockchain ...

The police division of India''s Firozabad district has announced the establishment of a new complaint forum, which will enable locals to lodge complaints with the law enforcement in an unchangeable format. All details on the blockchain network can be unchanged, and there is no obligation to alter or alter the information. Polygon meanwhile, is a green blockchain created by a group of Indian cryptopreneurs, including Sandeep Nailwal and Anurag Arjun.

The video message from IPS Ashish Tiwari on the official Twitter handle of the UP Police highlighted how blockchain could increase case registrations and investigations.

1/2 @Uppolice @adgzoneagra @igrangeagra @IpsAshish pic.twitter.com/kTBolZbfwV

Indian police''''s move to blockchain networks, according to Polygon''s co-founder, might devastate corruption in the country''s criminal system and result in more victims becoming justice.

Police Complaints on @0xPolygonThis is very touching to my heart. So many of these instances where, due to some corruption in a local police division, victims (mostly of rapes) aren''t even able to file a complaint or1/2 https://t.co/k9gRMD6r08

The Firozabad Police explained how this police complaint on blockchain would work in a blog post.

Grievances may be lodged at any location and will land in concerned areas to which the grievances prevail. After a grievance is submitted, the system generates a unique token number and auto-creates acknowledgement via SMS and email. After a successful filing, the grievance process is simplified.

While the Indian government is putting a lot of effort to normalize the trade and use of crypto assets, the country is all in for exploring the multi-use issues of blockchain technology.

Industry insiders had discussed that India''s healthcare and logistics industries might benefit greatly if they exploited the potential of blockchain in an interview with Gadgets 360 in September.

According to reports earlier this month, the Maharashtra revenue agency might soon transfer all its paper and server stored records to a blockchain of choice.

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Students of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, organized a student''s council election on blockchain technology, making it a first of its kind process two months ago.

Not only India, but other nations are also using blockchain to maintain uniformity in their government accounts.

Brazil has recently enlisted the assistance of a special blockchain network, which aims to alleviate corruption in public expenditure by efficiently tracking them.