According to reports, Apple AirPods and other accessories may have a USB Type-C port by 2024

According to reports, Apple AirPods and other accessories may have a USB Type-C port by 2024 ...

Apple is considering adopting the USB Type-C charging standard for many products in its range by 2024, including future products in the AirPods range, as well as various accessories for Mac devices. This may be in line with its intentions to move the iPhone and iPad product lines to the USB Type-C standard, in order to comply with a recent decree establishing the more universally used USB Type-C standard for smartphones, tablets, and cameras from 2024 onwards.

According to a recent report from journalist Mark Gurman on Bloomberg, Apple is already considering imposing a single charging standard to improve interoperability and reduce environmental waste caused by charger disposal.

That measure was recently passed and will mandate that all smartphones, tablets, and cameras sold in the European Union have a USB Type-C charging port from 2024 onwards. This is expected to only have an impact on Apple, since it currently uses the Lightning standard for its iPhone and much of its iPad range. Most Android devices already use the USB Type-C standard, and therefore already comply with the upcoming law.

This means that new Apple iPhone devices will have to provide USB Type-C ports in Europe from 2024 onwards, indicating that the iPhone series will switch away from the current Lightning charging standard sooner rather than later. Moreover, the PowerOn newsletter suggests that Apple might have a strategy to transfer its AirPods range and Mac accessories to the new standard alongside, even if these products do not fall within the scope of the European law.

This will be to ensure better interoperability even within the Apple ecosystem; the same charging cable and plug will be compatible with iPhone, iPad, AirPods, and Mac devices and accessories. Despite this, Apple has stated that it will primarily encourage wireless charging for all of its products going forward, with the possibility of even having a port-less iPhone at a later date.

Many Apple products, including the iPhone series and newer AirPods models such as the AirPods Pro (2nd Gen), use the Lightning standard for wired charging. Nevertheless, they also support Qi wireless charging, along with Apple''s MagSafe technology for secure connection with the wireless charger.