Amazon's Delivery Robot "Scouts" That Created Severe Mishaps, According to a Report, Has Been Halted

Amazon's Delivery Robot "Scouts" That Created Severe Mishaps, According to a Report, Has Been Halted ...

As sales growth slows, Amazon has taken a break from testing of its home delivery robot "Scouts," which is the latest indication that the e-commerce business is beginning to slow down experimental initiatives. For the time being, the six-wheeled, cooler-sized automobiles, which originally had to carry goods to the front door, will be put on hold, but it has stated that it may return to the concept in the future.

Although several witnesses said the company had difficulties getting past obstructions on the pavement, such as garbage or other scarce materials, the statement said.

According to the NY Post, Amazon spokesperson Alisa Carroll said "During our Scout limited field test, we developed a unique delivery experience," but learned through feedback that certain aspects of the program were not meeting customers'' needs.

According to Ms Carroll, over 400 people visited the country to seek anonymity to discuss a private situation. The concept of an autonomous robot will be examined by skeleton staff, but the current iteration isn''t functioning.

The Seattle-based company began testing on its colour-sized robots on suburban Seattle streets before expanding its testing to Southern California, Georgia, and Tennessee. During the test, the slow-moving machines were expected to halt at a front door and shut their lids so that a consumer might get the item.

According to Amazon, battery-powered robots are part of an initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its delivery operations.

According to Sean Scott, the vice president who took over from Amazon last year, Amazon was still planning meet-and-greet meetings in areas where the gadgets were being tested just a few months ago.

Amazon is reacting to slow growth in its main retail segment under CEO Andy Jassy, delaying certain initiatives and canceling others. It is well-known for taking on bold experiments that can take years to complete, including a portfolio that includes cashier-less stores, flying delivery drones, and a satellite network that promises to provide internet access over the globe.