China imposes fresh US chip export guidelines on Hobbling's Semiconductor industry

China imposes fresh US chip export guidelines on Hobbling's Semiconductor industry ...

China on Saturday condemned the latest US decision to tighten export controls that would make it difficult for China to obtain and manufacture advanced computing chips, claiming it was a violation of international economic and trade laws that will isolate and backfire on the United States.

The USabuses export control measures to sabotage and suppress Chinese enterprises because to the need to maintain its sci-tech hegemony, according to Mao Ning, the Foreign Ministry''s spokeswoman.

It will not only engulf Chinese companies'' legitimate rights and interests, but also entitle Chinese companies to respect them, according to the government.

China''s progress will be halted by USweaponization and politicisation, according to Mao. Both science and technology, as well as economic and commercial issues.

After the USon Friday updated export restrictions, including adding certain advanced, high-performance computing chips and semiconductor manufacturing equipment to its list, as well as new licensing requirements for items that would be used in a supercomputer or for semiconductor development in China.

As part of ongoing efforts to protect USnational security and foreign policy interests, the US announced that export restrictions were added.

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In recent years, relations between the US and China have been jeopardized due to technology and security concerns. The US has implemented a slew of measures and restrictions designed to halt China''s use of chip technology, while China has allocated billions to the production of semiconductors.

Tensions have impacted semiconductor companies in the United States and the international market, which either export chips or manufacture chips in China. In the past year, semiconductor companies such as Nvidia and AMD have experienced a 40 percent increase in stock prices.

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According to a statement, we understand the goal of ensuring national security and encourage the US government to follow these guidelines in a targeted manner and in collaboration with international partners to assist level the playing field and mitigate unintentional harm to USinnovation.