Following claims of unfair revenue sharing terms, Google is facing another CCI probe

Following claims of unfair revenue sharing terms, Google is facing another CCI probe ...

Another detailed inquiry has been ordered by the Indian Competition Commission for alleged revenue sharing limitations in relation to news content.

The complaint will be slashed with two additional ongoing charges against the search engine major, according to the Competition Commission of India (CCI).

A complaint from the News Broadcasters & Digital Association has been issued the most recent order.

CCI ordered a probe against Google over a complaint filed by the Digital News Publishers Association in January this year. Later, the Indian Newspaper Society also filed a similar complaint, which was hampered with the first.

In an order issued on Friday, the regulator''s probe arm Director General (DG) will submit a consolidated investigation report.

The News Broadcasters & Digital Association claimed that its members are forced to disclose their news content to Google in order to prioritize their weblinks in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) of Google. As a result, Google free rides on the members'' contents without giving them adequate compensation, according to the complaint.

According to the complaint, users can either search directly for information through the News Tab or receive information through the result in SERPs. Google added news content in its SERPs through featured snippets, including ''Top Stories'' carousels.

According to reports, Google''s revenue not only compensates for the real contribution made by the association''s members to these platforms.

CCI said in a four-page order, which was published on October 6 and on Friday, that the claims were substantially the same as that of the incident that is already being investigated by the regulator.

The Chief Investigative Officer at CCI has been emailed to club the proceedings and submit a comprehensive investigation report.

For a more detailed investigation, CCI has referred cases where there is evidence of prima facie violation of competition standards.

Alphabet, Google, Google India, Google Ireland, and Google Asia Pacific have filed a complaint.

As its members, the association comprises of national and regional private news and current affairs broadcasters and digital news media organizations.