Ahead of the official release of Need for Speed Unbound, leaked screenshots reveal the Anime Aesthetic

Ahead of the official release of Need for Speed Unbound, leaked screenshots reveal the Anime Aesthet ...

As per leaked screenshots, NFS Unbound was expected to become the next Need for Speed game in the anime atmosphere. For a brief period, a Japanese storefront had NFS Unbound listed with a description and a set of images, which presumably correspond to previous reports. EA has scheduled a public reveal on the Need for Speed YouTube channel tonight, October 6; If previous reports are to be found, Need for Speed Unbound will run on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X.

The listing included four scenes of photo-realistic architecture, and punkish, street-style animations, aimed at exaggerating on-screen events. In April, game journalist Jeff Grubb revealed that the upcoming Need for Speed game would have an anime-like approach. However, when you see a car commercial, the flames and stuff flying off it, according to his GiantBomb show.

EA Hints at a New NFS Game Reveal This Week: Need for Speed Unbound

With a complete range of visuals and sound effects, players may beat the clock and outsmart cops in weekly qualifiers for the Grand, which is now considered the Grand. These claims are based on leaked work-in-progress footage from August, which showed a vehicle trying to vault over a circular obstacle, producing graffiti-style elements, such as wings, a dead skull symbol, and a glitchy filter to prove the impact.

The concept of Burst Nitrous, which claims to deliver incredible speed, is described as heavily multiplayer-oriented, with unique wraps and cut-out items to match your famous custom vehicle. It''s a bit like Fast and Furious, where you spend a lot of time posing with your vehicle before getting to brass tacks.

The soundtrack can be expected of pioneering hip-hop artists, including A$AP Rocky and AWGE, due to unspecified reasons. In February, EA announced that its development duties were changed to Criterion Games, the racing veterans best known for the Burnout franchise.

If leaks remain true, Need for Speed Unbound will launch on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X on December 2, 2018. The official reveal is scheduled for tonight, 8:30pm IST in India / 8am PT in the United States.