Alongside The Flagship Zero Ultra 5G Phone, the Infinix Xboy Explorer NFT Collection has been launched, and all details have been released

Alongside The Flagship Zero Ultra 5G Phone, the Infinix Xboy Explorer NFT Collection has been launch ...

Infinix is now offering its latest non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from the Xboy Explorer collection. With the addition of its Zero Ultra 5G smartphone to this space-themed NFT collection, it is attempting to pay tribute to humanity''s desire to explore the space with five NFT characters who represent our planets. The company, which was founded in 2013, is now among the first few smartphone companies to connect their phones with blockchain-based digital collectibles.

Given its affiliation with the NFT sector, the Infinix Zero Ultra 5G smartphone is set to become the company''s first step into Web3.

We''re implementing innovative NFT marketing strategies to provide an engaging digital experience to users. "The Xboy Explorer NFTs have ties all of these exciting developments together," said Skye Chen, head of Global Public Relation at Infinix Mobility.

Each of the five NFTs linked to the devices has added additional features. For example, the first character called Flash comes from Venus and has a 180W Thunder Charge, which shows the smartphone''s rapid charging capacity.

The second character Mirror hails from Jupiter and has a 3D waterfall display. Similarly, Vision from Mercury has a 200-megapixel camera, Wisestart from Mars has a 6nm 5G SoC, and Chic, the last character, has a very elegant appearance. These NFTs have been specially designed by Cluster3 NFT Labs.

"The Web3 revolution is increasing the interest of younger people in a digital world that explores the world of technology and art. NFTs are a powerful tool that businesses can leverage to increase brand awareness and user engagement, according to Eric, the founder of Cluster3 NFT Labs.

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Users will get an NFT lottery card which gives them the chance to win an animated NFT by scanning the QR code when purchasing Infinix''s Zero Ultra 5G.

Who is your favorite XBOY NFT? Each has its own unique mini story shown on the activity page. Let us know which one connected with you and we will pick some randomly lucky winners who will receive an Infinix XBOY NFT.

Smartphone manufacturers have begun integrating their devices with these digital collectibles as a result of the increasing trend of buying and holding NFTs.

Solana Labs'' Saga, a cryptocurrency wallet, as well as a seed vault for storage, was awarded NFTs with the first of the Saga devices in June.

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In fact, last month in September, Samsung launched a new range of NFTs to coincide with Samsung''s latest foldable flagship device, the Galaxy Fold 4.

Nothing Phone (1), a brand-new phone, had also offered free NFTs to those who purchased it.