The EU has passed legislation to mandate a USB type-C charger for all smartphones, tablets, and cameras from 2024, according to all information

The EU has passed legislation to mandate a USB type-C charger for all smartphones, tablets, and came ...

On Tuesday, the European Parliament approved new rules that will provide a single charging port for mobile phones, tablets, and cameras to the European Union by 2024, a world first that is expected to impact iPhone maker Apple more than its competitors.

The vote confirms an earlier agreement between EU institutions and will make USB Type-C connectors used by Android-based devices the EU standard, forcing Apple to alter its iPhone model and other devices.

Apple is expected to be among the most affected countries, but analysts believe the impact might be equivalent because it might encourage shoppers to purchase the company''s latest gadgets instead of ones without USB Type-C.

According to analysts, the deal covers e-readers, earbuds, and other technologies, which means it may also affect Samsung, Huawei, and other devices manufacturers.

Apple, Samsung, and Huawei were not immediately available for suggestions.

Apple has in the past warned that the proposal would stifle innovation and create a mountain of electronic waste.

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EU legislators voted for the measure with a huge majority, with 602 votes in support and only 13 against.

The change had been discussed for years and was prompted by complaints from iPhone and Android users about having to switch to different chargers for their devices.

The European Commission has estimated that a single charger would save about EUR 250 million (approx. Rs. 2016 crore) for consumers.

According to a 2019 Commission survey, half of mobile chargers sold had a USB micro-USB connector, while 29 percent had a USB Type-C connector, and 21 percent had a Lightning connector.

2022, Thomson Reuters