iPhone shipments from India are expected to exceed $1 billion in April, but may reach $2.5 billion by March 2023

iPhone shipments from India are expected to exceed $1 billion in April, but may reach $2.5 billion b ...

According to experts, Apple''s iPhone deliveries from India increased by $1 billion in five months since April, indicating that the South Asian country is making progress in its quest to become a leader in electronics manufacturing. At the current rate, outbound shipments of India-made iPhone models, mostly to Europe and the Middle East, are expected to reach $2.5 billion (roughly Rs. 10,600 crore) in the twelve months through March 2023, according to the authorities. The amount is approximately double the $1.3 billion (roughly Rs. 10,600

While India is making only a small portion of iPhone output, rising imports are beneficial for Prime Minister Narendra Modi''s plan to make the country an alternative to China as a factory to the rest of the world. Apple, which had long built its iPhone handsets in China, is attempting to adopt alternative technology as a result of Xi Jinping''s administration battling the US government and imposing lockdowns across the country that have undermined economic activity.

India is gradually taking on an important position in the company''s China plus one strategy, according to Navkendar Singh, an analyst at IDC. For India, this is a big sign of the success of its financial incentives program.

Apple employees did not respond to an email requesting a response. The Cupertino, a California-based company, argued with Modi''s $6 billion (roughly Rs. 50,000 crore) incentive push in 2020 drove the US technology giant to boost its production.

Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatron, a group of Apple''s key Taiwanese contract companies, have now launched their iPhone handsetsat in southern India. All three have given up manufacturing incentives under a federal government plan.

According to Bloomberg Intelligence estimates, India is still far behind China. Last year, around 3 million iPhone models were created in India, compared to 230 million in China.

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The iPhone 11,iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 devices were shipped from India from April to August this year, and the exports of the new iPhone 14 line will begin shortly, according to experts. Apple began making the iPhone 14 in India last month earlier than anticipated following a surprising smooth production process that reduced the gap between Chinese and Indian production from months to weeks.

India is attempting to increase financial incentives for tablet and laptop manufacturers, aiming to woo Apple to produce MacBooks and iPads locally as well as attract other companies.

Moving out of China, where Apple has built a vast supply chain for at least two decades, isn''t easy. According to a Bloomberg Intelligence analysis, a total of eight years would take to get only ten percent of Apple''s production capacity out of China, where roughly 98 percent of the company''s iPhones are being developed.