EA Hints at a New NFS Game Reveal This Week: Need for Speed Unbound

EA Hints at a New NFS Game Reveal This Week: Need for Speed Unbound ...

The next Need for Speed game might be revealed this week, according to an earlier article from journalist Tom Henderson. The publisher said the emoji came amid speculation that a new entry, called Need for Speed Unbound, was scheduled for a console release on December 2. The title will be available for PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, alongside a PC version.

According to Henderson''s original report, Need for Speed Unbound will have a trailer of one minute and 30 seconds in length, featuring a soundtrack by American rapper A$AP Rocky. The next NFS game is also expected to be heavily multiplayer, with a new feature called meetups. People will race against one another in different locations around the map one that is completely unique to the franchise.

In April, reports said that the upcoming Need for Speed Unbound will adopt a photo-realistic art style, mixed with anime elements. When you see a car commercial or something like that, cartoons flames and stuff are flying off it? It''s that kind of aesthetic that Grubb reveals on his premium GiantBomb show.

These allegations were aligned with leaked work-in-progress footage from August, which showed a car crashing into a circular obstacle, resulting in arcade-style graphics, such as wings and a dead skull symbol. Originally, the Need for Speed Unbound was scheduled for a July release, but was suspended until they reached an earlier October date. In February, EA announced that it had given NFS development duties to Criterion Games, the best known for racing games.

If the above statements are true, Need for Speed Unbound will be available on PC, PS5, andXbox Series S/X on December 2, 2012.