The majority of cryptocurrencies are falling, and a Binance Coin and polygon are emerging among few gainers

The majority of cryptocurrencies are falling, and a Binance Coin and polygon are emerging among few  ...

Bitcoin opened trading on Monday, indicating a price increase of $19,183 (roughly Rs. 15.60 lakh) as per Gadgets 360''s crypto price tracker. Bitcoin also lost interest on international exchanges. BTC is currently trading at $19,199 (roughly Rs. 15.70 lakh).

Due to a lack of buying activity, Bitcoin failed to hold above $20,000 (roughly Rs. 16 lakh) level last week. In recent weeks, market participants reacted to rising inflation and fluctuating the US dollar, according to Edul Patel, the CEO and co-founder of Mudrex''s crypto investment platform.

Ether suffered significantly higher losses than Bitcoin, according to Gadgets 360''s crypto price tracker. ETH is currently trading at the price point of $1,292 (roughly Rs. 1.05 lakh).

The majority of altcoins, including Tether, Ripple, Binance USD, Cardano, and Solana, have recorded price declines.

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu failed to slow down the market and settled with losses.

According to Patel, if BTC can break above its resistance at $20,433 (about Rs. 16.60 lakh) we might see a jump trend this week.

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Despite the small gains, only a few of cryptocurrencies managed to be successful.

These include Binance Coin, Polygon, Tron, and LEO.

In the meanwhile, the crypto industry''s market cap continues to remain sub the trillion-dollar mark.

The crypto market market value has decreased by 0.5 percent from the previous day, bringing $927.52 billion (roughly Rs. 75,63,501 crore) to the test.

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