Reliance Jio has stated that it will launch a budget laptop JioBook with a 4G Sim Card

Reliance Jio has stated that it will launch a budget laptop JioBook with a 4G Sim Card ...

Reliance Jio will produce a $184 (Nearly Rs. 15,000) budget laptop with a 4G sim card, aiming to replicate the success of its low-cost JioPhone in India''s highly cost-sensitive market, according to two sources.

The Mukesh Ambani-led group has agreed to collaborate with Qualcomm and Microsoft to develop JioBook, which includes the former developing its computing chips based on Arm''s technologies, and the Windows OS manufacturer providing support for certain applications.

Jio, India''s largest telecom company with more than 420 million customers, did not respond to a request for comment immediately.

Sources said the laptop will be available to enterprise customers, such as schools and government institutions from this month. A consumer launch is expected in the next three months as with the JioPhone. A 5G-enabled version will follow.

"This will be as big as JioPhone," according to one of the sources who have direct knowledge of the matter.

According to Counterpoint, the handset has been India''s top-selling sub-$100 (nearly Rs. 8,200) smartphone since its launch last year.

Flex, a contract manufacturer, will produce the JioBook locally, with Jio intending to sell "hundreds of thousands" of units by March, according to sources.

According to IDC, PC shipments in India increased by 14.8 million units last year, fueled by HP, Dell, and Lenovo.

According to Counterpoint analyst Tarun Pathak, the launch of the JioBook will increase the total addressable laptop market segment by at least 15%.

Jio''s own JioOS operating system will be running the laptop, and apps can be downloaded from the JioStore. Jio is also introducing the laptop as an alternative to tablets for work colleagues.

Jio, which raised around $22 billion (nearly Rs. 1,80 million) from global investors such as KKR & Co and Silver Lake in 2020, is credited with disrupting the world''s number 2 mobile market when it launched cheap 4G data plans and free voice services in 2016, and later the 4G smartphone at a cost of just $81 (nearly Rs. 6,600).

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