After a French hospital failed to pay a multi-million-dollar scam, hackers leaked patient details

After a French hospital failed to pay a multi-million-dollar scam, hackers leaked patient details ...

Officials have confirmed that hackers who slammed a French hospital and stole a slew of data have released personal records of patients online.

a month ago, the cyberattackers demanded a multimillion dollar ransom from the Corbeil-Essonnes hospital near Paris, but the facility refused to pay.

The hospital claimed that hackers had previously used medical scans and lab analyses as well as the national security statistics of patients.

"I allege that hacked information is unpredictable," says health minister Francois Braun on Sunday.

Ransomware organizations have increased attacks on hospitals around the world, especially since the epidemic stretched resources to a breaking point.

The issue has been common in France, where officials predicted early last year that healthcare institutions were experiencing on average a deadly attack every week.

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President Emmanuel Macron described the events during the pandemic as a "crisis within a crisis" and announced an additional EUR 1 billion (roughly Rs. 7,853 crore) for cybersecurity.

During the attack on last month, the hospital in Corbeil-Essonnes shut down its emergency services and sent many patients to other institutions.

Officials said at some point that the only technology still working was the telephone.

The hacker has decluttered at least some of the data for download on the "dark web" a hidden part of the internet that requires special software to access.

Analysts said it seemed to be a trick to put pressure on the hospital, even if public institutions are prohibited from paying ransoms by the French law.

Damien Bancal, a cybersecurity researcher who discovered the leak and has seen the documents, told the AFP that other hackers will now launch scams with the information they have already been disclosed.

The hospital, as a result of the leak on the weekend, restricted access to its systems severely and advised patients to be extremely vigilant when receiving emails, texts, or phone calls.