Saturn's Moon Enceladus Has "Almost All" Ingredients for Life to Survive: Study

Saturn's Moon Enceladus Has "Almost All" Ingredients for Life to Survive: Study ...

A team of scientists discovered new evidence that Saturn''s moon Enceladus has all of the necessary materials and requirements for life to thrive. According to a new study, the ocean of Enceladus is filled with dissolved phosphorus, which is a vital ingredient for life.

"Enceladus is one of the main objectives in humanity''s quest for life in our solar system," says Dr Christopher Glein, the co-author of the study.

"We have learned that the plume contains nearly all of the basic requirements of life as we know it. While the bioessential element phosphorus has yet to be identified directly, our team have discovered evidence for its availability in the ocean beneath the moon''s icy crust."

The research team is considering whether there should be as much or more phosphorus as seawater on Earth. "What this means for astrobiology is that we can be more confident than before that the ocean of Enceladus is habitable," said Mr Glein.

The researchers stated that previously Enceladus may not have adequate levels of phosphorus to prolong life. However, Mr Glein suggested that a fresh investigation be sent to Enceladus in an attempt to investigate the habitable ocean.

"We need to get back to Enceladus to see if a habitable ocean is actually inhabited," he said in a study.

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Saturn is not the only planet that might have life in its vicinity, according to The Independent. Despite the presence of ammonia on Venus, some scientists have suggested that the planet might have alien life in its sulfuric atmosphere. While the planet itself is too hot to have life, there may be microscopic organisms in the clouds, resulting ammonia to reduce the acidity in the same way that animals on Earth do.