Zoom Has Introduced Sales Intelligence, Hand Gesture Recognition, and IQ

Zoom Has Introduced Sales Intelligence, Hand Gesture Recognition, and IQ ...

Zoom is getting several new features that make web calls easier and more convenient. Some of these include a better Zoom Whiteboard, and improved Zoom events. Be it capturing your response with a raised hand gesture, or using a whiteboard or sticky note during a meeting, Zoom has increased the web calls and meetings.

Below is a look at some of Zoom''s new features:

Zoom Whiteboard

In their official blog, Zoom revealed the introduction of a new Zoom Whiteboardfor Zoom desktop app, Zoom Meetings, and Zoom Rooms for Touch devices. The support can be extended to Zoom Chat in the near future. To use this feature, users must upgrade to Zoom version 5.10.3 or higher.

Gesture Recognition

Users may share with others how they''re feeling with visual gestures to demonstrate a reaction in meetings. Zoom has now facilitated the recording and registration of hand gestures, like a raised hand or a thumbs up. This feature must be activated during the call, which is declared disabled at the end.

Zoom IQ for Sales

This feature allows you to examine customer interactions and highlight key insights, actions, and other components of a sale meeting.

Improved audio quality

Zoom has now enabled users in the APAC area to have greater audio quality and reduced connectivity delays. Users will also be able to view new DID and Tollfree numbers after selecting Asia.

Zoom Event Backstage

This new feature from Zoom allows event panelists and staff to interact behind the scenes during any event or seminar to gain a real experience of backstage.

Overview of Breakout Room activities

The host will now be able to record participants'' engagement in the breakout room for the main session. Participants will also be informed when the activity status is being shared by the host.

One-time password for suspicious logins

In light of suspicious login attempts, Zoom has enabled a one-time password for working email users without two-factor authentication.

Disable in-meeting/webinar chat notifications

Zoom now allows you to turn off or on in-meeting/webinar chat notifications if the flow of messages in the chat section distracts you from being active in the meeting.

Zoom has also added a central library to record and manage all polls during a meeting, which can be used for personal meeting ID (PMI) and non-PMI meetings. Moreover, the company has extended support for multi-spotlight during cloud recordings.

Zoom has expanded the capability to manage chat and SMS messages and their flow, thus enhancing the user experience. Moreover, one can enable or disable automatic calls recordings for all incoming and outgoing voice calls. Zoom has also expanded the use of video to these rooms.