Ahead of Earth Day, Instagram allows some users to raise money via donations

Ahead of Earth Day, Instagram allows some users to raise money via donations ...

Instagram has received a new feature ahead of Earth Day on April 22, c. a.d. ''Fundraise on Instagram Reels.'' Instagram is now distributing an option for users to create and donate to fundraisers via reels. This feature will be available in more than 30 countries, and users may donate to 1.5 million charitable organizations.

The Meta account has announced this feature in celebration of the upcoming Earth Day, and the company says it wants consumers to look out several methods to combat climate change on this occasion.

According to the company, they have introduced strategies to combat climate change and to learn more about climate issues ahead of Earth Day. These include a few activities such as visiting the climate science center and showing support for the environment on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

Meta also disclosed that they cover donation processing fees so that all the money raised by the fundraisers on Instagram directly goes to the organisation. EB Impact, a partnership, has also announced the Sustainability Media Academy, which is a program to assist Asian journalists in developing skills on sustainability issues.

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According to the company, more than four million people have raised $150 million in funding for environmental protection and charitable organizations in combating climate change.