Nearby Share option for Google has been listed, and it might soon allow AirDrop-like Seamless Transfers

Nearby Share option for Google has been listed, and it might soon allow AirDrop-like Seamless Transf ...

Google is working on a new Nearby Share feature that may allow users to quickly share files across their devices, similar to Apple''s AirDrop capability for iOS and Mac OS users. Google is yet to announce any information about the feature or when it will be available.

According to Esper''s Mishaal Rahman, the new feature is Self Share, which allows users to transfer files between two devices without having to confirm the transfer on the receiving device. In a screenshot from an Android 12 smartphone, the Nearby Share quick settings menu is shown to include a Your devices option (in place of the existing Hidden option), alongside options for Everyone and contact. Although the new option has not been shown, it is present in the future version of Google Play Services.

Nearby Share''s "self-share" mode will allow you to quickly share files to other Google devices signed into the same Google account without having to approve the share. This hasn''t yet been released from what I can see, but it is present in the latest version of Google Play Services.

According to a screenshot, the Self Share feature will allow a user to send a file to themselves without having to confirm that they wish to receive the file. Currently, Android users who wish to share a file from their smartphone via Nearby Share cannot do so seamlessly like Apple''s AirDrop feature for iOS and macOS devices.

The Chromium Gerrit, which includes changes and additions to Chrome and Chrome OS source code, has been first discovered in January, and the Self Share feature is yet to be introduced on ChromeOS, which, according to Google''s operating system for Chromebooks, allows users to transfer files to and from Android devices using Nearby Share, although users must still approve transfers.

In Nearby Share settings, there''s now a toggle for "device visibility."

Another screenshot shared by Rahman suggests that the Nearby Share option might be removed when the Your devices option is added, and users will have to modify the Device visibility toggle instead. Google is yet to officially release the Self Share feature, but it may also unveil its upcoming Google I/O event in May.

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While the Self Share is part of Google Play Services and is expected to require an Android or ChromeOS device to be implemented, Google stated during CES 2022 that it was working with Acer,HP, and Intel to enable Fast Pair and Nearby Share to select Windows PCs later this year, indicating that users may also be able to seamlessly share files between their Windows PC or laptop with their smartphone in the future.