IOS 16 has just got a handy new YouTube app, which you may now try it

IOS 16 has just got a handy new YouTube app, which you may now try it ...

As part of its iOS 16 lock screen customization update, Apple has added the capability to include a few widgets on the iPhone lock screen. Only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max can have these widgets as part of their always-on display.

YouTube''s iPhone widget is one of the most useful we have ever seen. Both lock screen widgets have a main function, while the other one includes options for quick accessing Subscriptions, Shorts, and search, as well as text and voice search.

Shorts is a movement by YouTube for short-form videos like Reels and TikTok. But it is the Subscriptions and voice search shortcuts that really got our attention. It is really quick and convenient to use when it comes to finding the exact video you want.

The YouTube widget may be installed long on the home screen of your iPhone, then tapping on the plus icon on the left corner, looking for the widget there. However, YouTube''s latest app update will be available first though which is version 17.40.5.

With these widgets, Google beat Apple to the standard with its Google Maps feature, which Apple has not yet introduced.

With iOS 16, you may customize your iPhone''s lock screen with a variety of third-party widgets. Here are a few of the best iOS 16 lock screen widgets you can find. You may also want to see how your iPhone displays notifications that will complete your iPhone''s lock screen transformation.