Season 2 of The Rings of Power might tackle the one Ring's creation

Season 2 of The Rings of Power might tackle the one Ring's creation ...

The Rings of Power episode 8 will receive full spoilers.

The cast of The Rings of Power have discussed how the creation of the titular rings will impact their actors during Season 2.

Even before Galadriel becomes the powerful, all-seeing elf we''ve seen in Peter Jackson''s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, she must overcome further obstacles. Firstly, possessing the ring called Nenya, and its responsibility to keep it safe, and reaching out to Finrod''s principal role in their creation.

"Throughout season 1, we''ve seen parts of Galadriel''s ethos, as an elf, just existing. She isn''t connected to any part of being elvish apart from Finrod''s dagger. It isn''t healthy, but it wasn''t good for her, and she was eventually losing. She was gradually becoming as much as her brother. So I felt grateful that she was getting to liberate herself.

"There''s a lot of sadness she feels when it comes to going back, but there''s also a freedom to that moment. She''s doing everything she can to protect her peers as well as making big mistakes, but she''s still compelled to save many people. She''s now returning to her elf-ishness, and being around them again will eventually lead her to become the more secretive Lothlorien elf we see in the Third Age."

What of the rings'' actual creator, aka Celebrimbor, has a key role in J.R. Tolkien''s source material and the bid budget Prime Video series. How will he feel after developing the trio of powerful pieces of jewelry? Which of the rings, given who Celebrimbor is, will help him in fulfilling a long-held desire to eclipse what his forebears forged?

"Obviously, it hasn''t been explicit that Feanor is his grandson. He has Feanor''s hammer, but he does not refer to him in a family sense. So there''s a battle between getting his grandfather to succeed. I think sculpting the rings does that, but there''s still plenty of focus to do with his character in season 2."

In episode 8, the Prime Video show inadvertently has a role in Halbrand''s creation. However, Sauron''s desire to combine the mithril with other metals rather than one is, for instance, the first of the titular rings to be made.

Charlie Vickers, who plays Halbrand and Sauron in Amazon''s Lord of the Rings, is found guilty of forging the most iconic jewelry and Sauron''s involvement in that is ultimately leading the Dark Lord on the path to "heal" Middle-earth.

Vickers says that his creation is similar to what we see in Tolkien''s lore. "They''re made with his guidance, but he does not directly make them. So even if they are susceptible to the One Ring, they can''t be controlled by the One Ring he eventually makes. So as soon as he puts that ring on, the elves immediately know he''s created one because of his involvement in their rings'' forging."

Is it possible to expect the legendary One Ring to be built in season 2? Vickers doesn''t confirm as much, but it sounds like it might be a possibility.

"He''s always five to eight moves ahead on the chessboard. Now, we''ll really get to see him transform into that character that''s always thinking ahead. In season 2, it''ll be really noticeable."

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