Netflix's cheap Basic plan is getting a big upgrade, and it's long overdue

Netflix's cheap Basic plan is getting a big upgrade, and it's long overdue ...

While Netflix has continued to hike rates across all levels and has even unveiled a plan that includes advertisements, something it has said would never happen, it has planned a quality of life improvement for its Basic tier subscribers.

Basic tier subscribers will see a boost in their resolution from 480p SD streaming quality to 720p HD resolution starting in November.

This is a significant increase in quality, which should aid the Basic tier improves performance even further than the Standard tier that streams in 1080p.

The time has passed since 480p was the de facto resolution, and it is long overdue to make 720p its new base resolution move forward.

The Basic tier is still pretty basic, though

While 720p isn''t a great resolution, it is still HD, which is quite effective than SD. Netflix''s basic strategy is that its still being paired with SDR color and contrast rather than HDR. That means that you''re watching a very unsaturated version of your favorite shows.

We will not advocate that Netflix discontinue distributing shows and movies in the highest available formats for free, although a cheaper tier for the 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos audio would be beneficial it feels like Netflix might be giving more to its customers.

The rise of other low-cost streaming services might make Netflix more reluctant to change its mind sooner, but it might take another few years before Netflix makes a similar move again to convert the basic plan from HD to Full HD (i.e. 1080p).

Although I see the upgrade as a sign of goodwill to its subscribers, not everyone will, and it does not provide much support to the company''s potential use of more money in any way, existing subscribers are fine.

Analysis: Is Netflix Basic $10 well spent?

If you''re considering launching a new Netflix subscription (or considering returning to the service) it may be difficult to know if it''s suitable for you, especially with other, less expensive options right now.

Along with Paramount Plus, Peacock Premium, and Prime Video, Netflix is priced at $10 per month. Both Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus are both cheaper at $7.99 and $4.99, while additional premium programs such as HBO Max and Hulu without Ads are also less expensive.

The best option, according to my opinion, is enrolling in the more expensive Netflix program that allows for multiple accounts and simultaneous logins, and dividing the amount with family members who also want to see what''s available on the service.

If you''ve not seen what on Netflix before, make a free trial subscription first, or if you''ve already tried it and still aren''t sure, then try another service for another time instead. Netflix will still be there when you return.

Netflix might be a good fit for budget-conscious cord cutters, but movie lovers who have one of the finest 4K TVs might not find the Basic tier as a good fit. Instead, check out Disney Plus or Apple TV Plus.