Windows can now be installed on Surface Duo 2. Here's how to do it

Windows can now be installed on Surface Duo 2. Here's how to do it ...

Microsoft''s Surface Duo phones stand out from the crowd of dull conventional smartphones owing to its dual-screen and productivity benefits. Another advantage that arguably improves the Surface Duo than your average iPhone or Samsung Galaxy is the ability to run Windows 11 (unofficially). Until recently, such a neat feature was only available on the first-generation Surface Duo, but now users can try their luck and swap Android 11 for Windows.

The Surface Duo 2 can be installed in Windows, according to Gustave Monce. Although it might be exciting, the process may be long and complicated, and the developer recommends waiting for a more user-friendly version.

If a substantial technical guide does not scare you straight, then a list of features that do not work on the Surface Duo 2 when running Windows will most likely make you think twice before trying. As of today, nothing works except the left display, UFS, and one processor core.

The first-gen Surface Duo is now available for a little more than $300, plus the Windows 11 version is a lot better experience.

Microsoft recently demonstrated the Android 12L upgrade for its dual-screen smartphones. It will incorporate many design elements from Windows 11 to the first and second-generation Surface Duo, making Microsoft''s smartphones more similar to the desktop operating system.