Spotify might be putting a hi-res audio Platinum strategy on the way

Spotify might be putting a hi-res audio Platinum strategy on the way ...

Spotify HiFi was initially announced in February 2021, and although we have heard quite little about it in the meantime, it now appears like a brand-new Platinum product will be launched.

The email also focuses on studio sound, headphone tuner, audio insights, library pro, Playlist Pro, and limited-ad Spotify podcasts, although we do not know what they all involve.

Not long to wait

The email in question said that the subscription levels would be available in the next 30 days, suggesting that Spotify HiFi will be launched within a month, possibly with this new Platinum label attached to it.

Apple Music already includes Lossless audio and the Spatial Audio feature as part of a standard $9.99 / 9.99 / AU$11.99 subscription. It''s possible that Spotify''s capabilities-that-be believe they need to offer more to justify a price rise.

If the information in the resubscribe email is correct, then we will not have to wait until we know for sure. As soon as Spotify makes any kind of official announcement, you will certainly be able to read about it here.

Analysis: will the price be right?

The Spotify HiFi lossless, CD-quality audio that has been promised will help it meet standards such as Apple Music and Tidal, but what''s not clear is how much enhanced audio fidelity is important for the average Spotify subscriber.

If the pricing ends up being doubled, it will be a tough sell, and adding in additional features will certainly ease the transaction. However, what Library Pro, Playlist Pro, and other features are still to be seen, but they must include some additional features.

Spotify''s reach into podcasts and audiobooks has increased in recent years, bringing in more monthly subscribers. Getting existing or new subscribers to pay twice the going rate every month would absolutely boost the streaming service''s finances.

Spotify itself has apparently been dissected about when Spotify HiFi was due to be launched, and it appears to be in a state of the art. The next question is how many people will actually pay for it.