App catalogs from MDM vendors bridge the Mac App Store gap

App catalogs from MDM vendors bridge the Mac App Store gap ...

With Jamf, you can get complete management and security solutions for your organization that are enterprise-friendly, consumer-friendly, and safeguarding your privacy. And, today, over 62,000 organizations trust Jamf to manage and secure over 27 million devices.

The Mac App Store is a great place to purchase and deploy Mac software with a device management system like Mosyle, Kandji, Jamf, Addigy, Hexnode, etc. The Mac App Store is the perfect place to store Mac software in the business. The problem? The vast majority of enterprise software is not available in the Mac App Store, so custom app catalogs come into play.

From 2009 to 2021,Bradley Chambers managed an enterprise IT network. Through his experience deploying and managing firewalls, switches, a mobile device management system, enterprise grade Wi-Fi, 100s of Macs, and 100s of iPads, Bradley will explore how Apple IT managers can use Apple devices, build networks to assist them, train users, and explain the meanings of IT management.

Why is the Mac App Store the best place to buy apps?

Installing apps from the Mac App Store is a fun experience. It''s integrated into the Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager for volume purchases. Apple reviews all the apps and updates and allows developers to offer volume purchase discounts for customers at a time. From a high level, the Mac App Store is a win/win/win for Apple, customers, and developers.

The Mac App Store was a slew of success for developers because it reduced piracy and eased users to find their software. But users loved it because they could start installing new apps with just a few clicks, and updates were automatic. However, MDM vendors are still sticking their own apps.

Why the Mac App Store is the worst place to get apps

Apple has done a lot of good for the Mac App Store, but it isn''t perfect. Here are some of the most common issues:

MDM suppliers are bridging the gap with App Catalogs.

Jamf announced that it would include more than 100 App Installers to decrease IT''s workload and improve security on an organization''s fleet of devices. App Installers are non-MAS apps that have been identified, linked, updated, monitored for risk, etc.. In the coming months, Jamf will be introducing new App Installer features that make it easier to install applications in Self Service so users see only those apps that are approved by IT.

Jamf isn''t the only company that has an App catalog, although Mosyle has a more intuitive Mac app experience when it comes to installing macOS applications on the App Store. Currently, it boasts over 160 fully automated Mac apps, and new apps are added weekly. Mosyle automates the process of setting permissions (for each app) on your device, and Kandji offers a library of popular apps and tests every update before deploying it to your fleet. You have full control over the parameters for

MDM distributors are bridging the gap between Apples Mac App Store and Business Essential. It has recently added the capability to load third-party apps through its platform, but it requires you to do so yourself. Overall, customers are finding solutions with some fantastic MDM vendors.

With Jamf, you can get complete management and security solutions for your business that are secure, consumer friendly, and protect your privacy. Plus, youll receive same-day support for the latest Apple OS upgrades, and Today, over 62,000 organizations trust Jamf to manage and secure 27 million devices.