Minoston Outdoor Smart Plug unlocks control of outdoor outlets over Siri and the Home app on HomeKit Weekly

Minoston Outdoor Smart Plug unlocks control of outdoor outlets over Siri and the Home app on HomeKit ...

One thing I''ve noticed in the back of my mind is avoiding the use of as many things as possible that will be obsolete as Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth networks evolve. Just in the last few years, were seeing Matter and Thread become a major part of the smart home of the future, and I said, no, I gave me dumb outlets. I really like using add-on adapters so I can easily upgrade them in the future.

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Why do you need outdoor outlet control?

You may also use the Minoston Outdoor Smart Plug to control single-outlet lamps (e.g., a porch light) or a set of Christmas lights from your smart device. Even if you only use it during the holiday season, you''ll save a ton of time and effort that will be beneficial to the purchaser. I set it up once every day at midnight, and turn it back off around 11:00 p.m. when we go to bed. It''s a set it and forget it.

Setting up the Minoston Outdoor Smart Plug

The Minoston Outdoor Smart Plug is a smart home device that allows you to control your outdoor settings through Siri and the Home app. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use Siri commands as well if you prefer using those services than Apple products. In the near future, however, I encourage you to choose to have the option of using multiples.

The plug has an IP65 weather-resistant housing, making it suitable for use outdoors year-round without worrying about rain or snow. Plus, the small physical size makes it easy to locate space for this device at home or away from home; no power cable prevents tripping hazards! If youve tried other outdoor plugs, youll be surprised by how much smaller this one is compared to others. I find that to be plenty in day-to-day use.

The HomeKit code is printed on it with a sticker, so you can use the Home app for it as well. Since it is an outdoor item, I highly recommend that you use an app likeHomepass to store your HomeKit codes. If you lose the code, you will no longer be able to set it up as new in the future.

Why HomeKit''s outdoor location shifts its focus to new automations

HomeKit''s outdoor lighting control prevents confusion and is able to create new features that you can use with your existing HomeKit devices. For example, you may set up an automation that automatically switches off the outdoor lights when they aren''t required, like at night or during a rainy day.

With a Home Hub (Apple TV or HomePod mini), you may control your outdoor plugs remotely from anywhere in the world through the Apple TV app or Siri voice commands. Using these features will give your home an appearance of being occupied even when it is empty, which is great for deterring burglars! Check out our full guide if you want to know more about the Philips Hue outdoor lighting system.

Conclusion on Minoston Outdoor Smart Plug

HomeKit''s outdoor control includes new controls, from scheduling security lights to turning on outdoor Christmas trees when you arrive home. It might also be useful for an electric grill, a washing machine, or anything else that requires to operate in harsh environments. Check it out for one outlet requirements.