Is Apple actually changing iMessage into AIM or is this sketchy redesign a joke?

Is Apple actually changing iMessage into AIM or is this sketchy redesign a joke? ...

Apple is currently working on a major upgrade to the Messages app, and the rumor is that Apple''s big ambitions for the app include a new home screen design, chat rooms, and new virtual reality features. Will this actually come to an end?

This rumor is making the rounds today after being initially shared on Twitter Majin Bu. This source has got a few things right over the years, but usually for things like iPhone case colors and Apple Watch band updates. The record for software leaks is basically nonexistent.

The whole story of the rumor:

Apple is developing a completely new iMessage package, which includes new office, chat rooms, video clips, and new chat capabilities in AR. It should be released next year along with the new headset.

Some of these approaches are useful. Video clips are a success story. iMessages might include an additional audio message features. A redesigned home screen might be a welcome addition. Chat rooms? Were there any doubt about whether or how it might fit in the iMessage experience alongside group chats.

The accompanying concept image, apparently created based on sources information, isn''t exactly what wed expect. It is similar to AIM from 2002, Myspace messaging, and Facebook Messenger. Heres hoping this isn''t even close to what Apple has planned, if its even planning a redesign for the Messages app to begin with.

The connection with the augmented reality headset makes the most sense. Apple is rumored to be planning a release of its new headset in 2023, and enhanced communication capabilities are expected to be a major focus from today.

So yeah, thats where we stand on this rumor. Its likely not true, but some of the features might be interesting. The supposed design? Let us hope that is absolutely not true. What do you think? Let us know down in the comments.