The cast for The Rings of Power's Stranger story was put back until the very end

The cast for The Rings of Power's Stranger story was put back until the very end ...

The Rings of Power episode 8 will receive full spoilers.

Markella Kavenagh claims that her cast of The Rings of Power did not learn about The Stranger until they received the script for episode 8.

If you haven''t seen The Rings of Power yet, read the following image below.

While we don''t know about The Stranger''s actual name, we receive confirmation of how well he is in the most recent episode of the high fantasy Prime Video show. He is one of the Istari, a group of five wizards sent to Middle-earth by the Valar to assist the world''s races in their fight against Sauron.

Fans of The Rings of Power have speculated that The Stranger was one of the Istari, although the expensive Prime Video series often misdirected us into believing that he was actually Sauron. With the arrival of The Rings of Power''s eighth episode, we know that The Stranger is one of the most amazing guys. However, it remains to be seen which one he is.

As Kavenagh revealed, none of the actors who played a Harfoot, including Megan Richards (Poppy), Sara Zwongbani (Marigold), and Dylan Smith (Largo, respectively, were aware ahead of time, with the group only finding out after the scripts were delivered to them.

"Yeah, when we got the scripts really," Kavenagh said when she learned of The Stranger''s wizard reveal. "I think we got [episode] eight quite late, and there were two versions as well, because the finale was so clear. It was really amazing to finally know who The Stranger was in a way!"

A "in a way" is the appropriate approach to complete an answer like that. Unfortunately, The Rings of Power does not confirm who the Stranger is. This is a revelation that is being held back until season 2 at the earliest time. Although, judging by a specific dialog that The Stranger says to Nori in episode 8, we may know who he is already.

The Stranger''s burgeoning friendship isn''t the end of Nori and The Stranger''s eighth appearance. We see the couple traveling east with Rhun''s land firmly in their sights. Here, they hope to learn more about The Stranger''s powers and, hopefully, his real name.

For Kavenagh, the chance to further explore Nori''s relationship with The Stranger in the second season of The Rings of Power is very rewarding. Mainly, because the duo can actually talk to one another now something that wasn''t possible when The Stranger first crash landed in the first episode.

"They''re able to communicate more now," she said. "We have that dialog-heavy scene in episode eight, but it''s the first time we could actually interact. It''s a pleasure to learn about it, and it''ll be fascinating as their friendship progresses.

"It''ll add something more to their dynamic, but we''ll have to see how season 2 will play out. I don''t know when season 2 will begin, but I don''t have a certain time on that. Daniel and I know each other very well now, so hopefully it''ll be more fun and allow us to imbue their relationship with a deeper connection."

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