How to Use Waypoints on Apple Watch and Apple Watch Ultra

How to Use Waypoints on Apple Watch and Apple Watch Ultra ...

Waypoints has been created on the Apple Watch compass app, which has been updated for the Apple Watch Series 6 and all has been released later. A new Action Button has been added to the app, which allows users to create waypoints.

First, you will need to open the Compass app on your Apple Watch. From here, on the bottom left side, you will see the Waypoint button. This will allow you to set a waypoint for your current location, as well as the ability to change the name, color, and icon.

You may also choose whether or not to show the waypoint on the compass. This can be beneficial if you accumulate a lot of waypoints overtime.

You may enter the upper left hand corner of the Compass app and select More to see a list of all of their waypoints. They may be altered or canceled from here.

The waypoints on the Apple Watch compass are shown as little colored dots. This will take you to a new list of way points from here. It will then show exactly how far each waypoint is from your current location.

You may also use the Action Button to create waypoints for Apple Watch Ultra users. To do this, go to settings, select the Action Button, and then change the action to Waypoint. If you have already hit the action button, a new waypoint will be created.

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