Vol.6 of Xbox Classics Revisited: action-platforming with a twist

Vol.6 of Xbox Classics Revisited: action-platforming with a twist ...

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Welcome to Xbox Classics Revisited. We aim to take a look back at the previous three generations of Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. These mini-retrospectives serve as a souvenir of Xbox''s best gaming in the last 20+ years. For those who were lucky enough to have been there for all of it, read on and savor the nostalgia. Get ready to handle your Xbox gaming backlog.

Jet Set Radio Future (Xbox)2002

The Sega Dreamcast sequel and reimagining of it included a dazzling cel-shaded visual style and a killer soundtrack with rock, indie pop, and hip-hop thrown into the mix. All of this is done to push back against the oppressive Rokkaku Group Corporation that has failed to deliver free speech in Tokyo for 20 years. However, there may be reasons to get excited once more in the near future. Read on and see more later in the video.

Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One)2014

Sunset Overdrive is one of the most popular Xbox One classics, but it was inspired by a storied developer Insomniac Games, which created a trove of features, including comic book character Tank Girl, the Richard Matheson novel I Am Legend, and vintage Halloween masks. In the year 2027, the game combines third person shooting with rapid learning, where the player uses a variety of abilities including wall running, air-dashing, zip lining, and more to get around. Since that time

Ollie Ollie World (Xbox One, Series X|S)2022

This third segment in the side-scrolling skateboarding series is a pleasure for all gamers in the entertainment industry, with its stunning, hand-drawn visual style and engaging gameplay. However, Ollie Ollie World has a lot of personality to spare, including the creations of a modern classic. Jet Set Radio, according to the game''s creator, is a major help.

Ollie Ollie World may not have taken over the world when it was released back in February 2022, but it now has a Metacritic score of 85 for both the Xbox One and the Series X|S versions.

Bonus: Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a premium-class dance song for Jet Set Radio, founded by Team Reptile, the creator of Megabyte Punch and Lethal League. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC Steam in 2023, as well as other platforms. Check out the video below; it stands for itself.

Wrap up

These mini-retrospectives are great to hear from you. Which of your favorite Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games? Do you have any of these lists? Please let us know about your favorite Xbox gaming experiences in the comments below. And thank you for reading.

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