In episode 2, the reveal of The Rings of Power's Sauron was nearly spoiled

In episode 2, the reveal of The Rings of Power's Sauron was nearly spoiled ...

The Rings of Power episode 8, aka Alloyed, will now have full spoilers.

The Rings of Power''s showrunners have revealed that Sauron''s big reveal was nearly spoiled by a specific creative decision taken during episode 2''s development.

If you''re not caught up on The Rings of Power''s latest episode, there are many spoilers in the mail. Turn back right now!

Charlie Vickers'' Halbrand was an alias of Sauron throughout his career. Since the moment he met Galadriel, the Dark Lord himself sabotaged as the so-called King of the Southlands, with the pair first crossing paths on a raft in episode 2.

Although Payne and McKay reminded us, the first shot we see of Halbrand is Vickers, who has his back to the camera, turning his head to cast a glance at Galadriel as she asks to board the temporary sea vessel. According to Bayona, the scene in question in such a way that only one of Halbrand''s eyes is visible to viewers.

It''s a shot that acts as a clear return to Sauron, which is the only part of the Dark Lord''s essence that remains in Middle-earth''s Third Age after his defeat to the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. Payne and McKay, however, were concerned that Bayona''s creative choice would ruin Halbrand''s real identity. In fact, they asked Bayona to modify Halbrand''s introduction.

"We were fazed out that people who want to see it and work it [Halbrand''s real identity] out," Payne said. "We asked J.A. to change it, but he said, "Nobody will notice!" Thankfully, they didn''t.

Very few if any viewers noticed the obvious reference to Halbrand''s true form. So, while fans have been concerned about Halbrand''s purported presence for a long time, it made his eventual appearance much more shocking in The Rings of Power''s season 1 finale.

Season 8 will be released as a surprise to the hit Prime Video show''s cast on season 1, which will begin in February 2020, and the series'' most prominent actors have been forced to keep an eye on this secret for over two and a half years, according to Morfydd Clark (Galadriel) and Tyroe Muhafidin (Theo) exclusively in early October.

"It''s nice!" Vickers prayed in self-decision. "But it''s a strange feeling. When you press, you become soaccustomed to talking about the subject in a certain way. Obviously you must be careful about what you''re saying. "It''s nice to do it right now," he said.

"I had my suspicions from the beginning!" Clark said. "And I know Charlie did, as he was asked to read something from the devil, and it''s like ''Hmm, that seems quite evil.'' I think Charlie has done a fantastic job to perform during a press, which I don''t know how he''s done. I''d be chastised if I had a secret that big."

"It''s really weird [to discut Sauron]," Edwards said. "You know, we have had to carry this weight on our shoulders for so long. It''s a pleasure to finally have it all out there in the world!"