Users of Ubuntu are angered by an advertisement in a command line

Users of Ubuntu are angered by an advertisement in a command line ...

Canonical, the creator of Ubuntu''s popular Linux distribution, has been chastised for attempting to propagate the word about a fresh program.

A section of the Ubuntu user base has not addressed the issue, which has been interpreted as an inappropriate intrusion by some.

Ubuntu backlash

Although the offending message is intended to promote a free service, vocal Ubuntu users have taken to sites such as Reddit and the official Canonical forum to express their displeasure.

The consensus among those qui are dissatisfied with the command line message is that it''s a naive annoyance and perhaps a violation of Canonical''s unwritten agreement.

Others believe that the effort to promote Ubuntu Pro may be a violation of a data protection requirement that prevents businesses in certain countries from advertising to users of a service without obtaining prior permission.

Some community members also defended Canonical, arguing that the message is only a minor glitch, equating the fact that there is no charge to use the Ubuntu operating system.

If a one-line opt-in offer is mentioned, let me clarify the issue. You are using a distribution from a nonprofit organization, and you are unwilling to use it? One Reddit user has asked.

Another noted, to the contrary, that Microsoft has frequently used the opportunity to include ads in its Windows OS, which is already available.

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