Owners of Google Pixel 7 have been given this incredible package for five years, and it is available for free

Owners of Google Pixel 7 have been given this incredible package for five years, and it is available ...

Owners of Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro should know that their new phone comes with a pretty attractive disadvantage. Google announced that both phones will have full access to its Google One VPN, but didnt specify how long youd get. It turns out that you will get access for the next five years.

More specifically, a new Google Security blog post (opens in a new tab) reveals that free access to the Google One VPN will be available at no extra cost as long as your phone receives security updates." The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are guaranteed to receive security updates until at least October 2027, five years from now.

Given how many people leave their phone after two or three years, it''s possible that the Pixel 9 or 10 will be removed by the time this freebie expires. Which is pretty impressive, especially since other Pixel perks, like free access to YouTube Premium, usually expire after a few months.

On the Premium plan, Google One VPN is typically available to Google One subscribers. This includes Google One VPN access, 2TB of Drive storage, the option to share with five others, and a 10% back at the Google Store.

Pixel 7 owners have a less reason to subscribe to the Premium Google One plan, especially if they don''t really need 2TB of cloud storage space. Again, the Google One VPN is far from one of the best VPN services available, and it is likely to be the draw it would be.

The addition of the Google One VPN to the Premium program makes it more costly than a lot of competition, and it does not allow you to select which server you connect to. Our own usage also showed that it does not allow the ability to stream content from other regions. That''s one of the main reasons why people first subscribe to a VPN.

Google''s offering looks to be a reliable option from a technical perspective. It allows encrypted access to websites, hiding your activity in the process. Google even claims that the VPN uses Protected computing to ensure its theoretically impossible for people to link your browsing to you or your Google account even people at Google itself.

The Google One VPN, according to Toms Guide, is a solid choice and fairly reliable. This is especially because it relies on open source clients that are independently audited and verified.

Express VPN, our current favourite, has proven proven by its incredible privacy, a 30-day money back guarantee, and excellent support for nearly everything. Plus, it allows you to select from one of the over 3,000 servers in 94 countries.

Google One isn''t the best VPN out there, but it''s a fantastic free trick.