Here are the most recent delivery times for iPhone 14 orders

Here are the most recent delivery times for iPhone 14 orders ...

The iPhone 14 is now available, but it may not arrive at your door for several weeks.

The fact that the iPhone 14, especially the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, are well selling is not a shock. However, if you get your phone now, you may be waiting for over a month to get your phone. While the iPhone 14 Plus has just gone on sale, it''s also seeing delays in some places.

If you haven''t placed your iPhone 14 order yet, and you want to know when your iPhone will drop through your letterbox, we''ve collected the most recent shipping information from Apple''s website here.

In such a way, you can decide when it''s best to stay at home in case of delivery, or if it will arrive in time for an important moment like someone''s birthday or your next holiday.

It appears that pretty much every iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max versions will be backordered until October or early November. It doesn''t matter which color you select, or how much storage you spec, you''ll be waiting for a new Pro iPhone for at least a month, and maybe as long as six weeks if you want the larger iPhone 14 Pro Max variant.

iPhone 14 delivery date: Apple Store

ModelEstimated delivery date (U.S.)Estimated delivery date (U.K.)
iPhone 14TomorrowOctober 17
iPhone 14 Plus TomorrowOctober 17
iPhone 14 Pro November 7 - 14November 7 - 14
iPhone 14 Pro MaxNovember 7 - 14November 7 - 14

The good news is that ordering the regular iPhone 14 will not be an issue. It''s possible to get one right now and have it shipped tomorrow, or if you live in the right area and are willing to pay extra postage.

The iPhone 14 Plus is now on sale, but fortunately, even if it is new, you may still get it within a day.

If you buy one now, the Pro models will keep you waiting for a month for delivery. If things do not improve soon, you''ll need to place your iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max orders right now if you want to ensure delivery before the holidays.

iPhone 14 delivery date: AT&T

ModelEarliest estimated U.S. delivery date (color/storage)
iPhone 14October 17 - 18
iPhone 14 Plus October 17 - 18
iPhone 14 Pro October 17 - 18
iPhone 14 Pro MaxOctober 21 - 28

AT&T has accelerated the iPhone 14 delivery times, although you can still get anything different than Purple in a couple of days. Likewise, the iPhone 14 Plus can be at your door in just two days, regardless of the color you select.

The iPhone 14 Pro will take a long time to wait, but the iPhone 14 Pro Max will take a while to arrive by the end of October. Both of these will last long if you want the most in-demand Silver or Space Black colors. You may be able to reduce the chance of a week off the expected delivery date by speccing more storage.

Note that you may save up to $1,000 on the iPhone 14 through AT&T (opens in new tab) until Friday October 7.

iPhone 14 delivery date: T-Mobile

ModelEarliest estimated U.S. delivery date (color/storage)
iPhone 14October 13 - 17
iPhone 14 Plus October 13 - 17
iPhone 14 Pro October 14 - 17
iPhone 14 Pro MaxOctober 17 - 24

Users who desire a T-Mo-powered iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus will be happy to know the units are ready to go right now, with shipping expected to last between one and four days.

The iPhone 14 Pro claims it''s back on sale for all models, with the Silver model taking the longest to arrive (November 7 - 21) out of all the standard 128GB versions. All other iPhones will take a month to appear if you order today.

If you want the iPhone 14 Pro Max from T-Mobile before the holidays, you might want to be hurry. Its first iPhone that promises it to arrive is in mid October, but it''s only for the Space Black or Deep Purple versions. The Gold and Silver versions will take an additional two weeks.

T-Mobile has multiple iPhone 14 deals, including up to $800 off with trade-in and signing up for a Magenta Max package. That''s basically getting an iPhone 14 for free.

iPhone 14 delivery date: Verizon

ModelEarliest estimated U.S. delivery date (color/storage)
iPhone 14October 21
iPhone 14 Plus In two days
iPhone 14 Pro October 21
iPhone 14 Pro MaxOctober 28

The iPhone 14 seems to have been reintroduced with Verizon''s customers, as you''ll already have to wait a week and a bit for delivery. However, there''s certainly no delay depending on which color you want. The iPhone 14 Plus will also be available in two days.

The iPhone 14 Pro is causing a bit of a delay with October 21 as the best delivery date for the Space Black and Gold versions, stretching to October 28 for Deep Purple and Silver. However, purchasing higher storage capacity versions may relieve the delay, with immediate shipping available in some cases.

If you buy the Gold one, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is expected to arrive by October 28. Other three colors will not arrive until November 4 or 11, which isn''t too much more waiting to do if you prefer a less glitzy phone.

Verizon''s iPhone 14 offers (opens in a new tab) include saving up to $800 with you trading in your previous phone with select unlimited plans.

iPhone 14 delivery date: Best Buy

ModelEstimated U.S. delivery date
iPhone 14Tomorrow
iPhone 14 Plus Tomorrow
iPhone 14 Pro Tomorrow
iPhone 14 Pro MaxTomorrow

Best Buy''s shipping dates are very optimist, with at least one model from every type of iPhone 14 being available for delivery tomorrow.

Best Buy''s iPhone 14 (opens in a new tab) or the iPhone 14 Plus, you may get it in virtually any color by tomorrow. The Starlight and Purple iPhone 14 Plus are among the exceptions. Instead, the 17th iPhone will arrive.

If you get an iPhone 14 Pro model in any color, you may still get it later, or you may get the Space Black or Gold iPhone 14 Pro Max to arrive tomorrow, making this the best way for most people to get their hands on the Pro Max models. Other colors will require you to wait a week and a half, so the wait isn''t too long if you don''t fancy a black phone.

iPhone 14 delivery date: Walmart

ModelEarliest estimated U.S. delivery date
iPhone 14TBC
iPhone 14 Plus TBC
iPhone 14 Pro TBC
iPhone 14 Pro MaxTBC

Walmart''s iPhone 14 (opens in new tab) models appears to be in Limbo. While some iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max versions are straight-up out of stock, most don''t have specific arrival dates. We''ll be sure to update you when this changes, but for now, be careful if you try to get any iPhone 14 through

Is the iPhone 14 out on time?

All three iPhone 14 models we''ve reviewed so far, although they differ in terms. Apple''s most recent upgrades include an always-on display, a Dynamic Island cutout, and a 48MP main camera.

The iPhone 14 is more like an upgraded iPhone 13 than a whole new one, but it is still worth an upgrade if your current one is older than it is.

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