In the works, users may be able to block all mentions by clicking the button "Long Mention" for the sake of privacy

In the works, users may be able to block all mentions by clicking the button "Long Mention" for the  ...

Twitter is apparently developing a program that would allow users to control public mentions on the platform. According to a research, the social media platform allows users to tag and address public accounts by typing "@," followed by the unique username the user wishes to mention in their tweets, replies, or quotes. Alternatively, users may continue allowing all mentions.

Wong posted a photo with the tweet, revealing the current restriction control feature. According to reports by The Verge, Twitter privacy designer Dominic Camozzi had reportedly confirmed that the restriction restriction feature was being developed via a tweet. However, he later deleted the tweet.

Twitter is working on allowing you to control who can mention you on Twitter

Back in 2020, Twitter introduced a feature that allowed users to limit responses to tweets followers they follow or to the users listed in the tweet. Earlier this year, the social media platform introduced a feature called Twitter Circles, which allows users to curate a select list of users who have access to certain tweets posted by the user.

The feature that Twitter''s comment on restricted controls might have a significant influence on the way in which the digital town square social media platform functions. Besides, this feature might help in minimizing harassment and bullying from unknown user accounts, while also protecting marginalised accounts, according to reports. Twitter is yet to officially announce plans for a feature to allow users to control mentions.

As part of the firm''s efforts to improve collaboration on the social media platform, it was recently spotted requesting users to share a link to the tweet instead, as part of a demonstration of Elon Musk''s takeover.

Twitter has recently confirmed the introduction of a feature that allows Twitter Blue subscribers to edit previously published tweets. Moreover, the company is expected to roll out the edit feature in the United States in the near future.

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