Todd Howard of Starfield believes that science fiction is too intense and you would fall asleep in space

Todd Howard of Starfield believes that science fiction is too intense and you would fall asleep in s ...

Today''s countdown to Starfield has begun, and Besthesda is laying down the foundation of what we can expect from the game. Starfield''s relationship with hard science fiction is today the top item.

In a Q&A, creative director Todd Howard said, Starfield is more hard science-fiction to us. Meaning, we aren''t likely to see space wizards, but that what happens in the game is within the realm of scientific possibility. While hard sci-fi, you''ll largely see technologies that may theoretically exist, along with limitations that arise.

In the end, Howard points out that Starfield might not fulfill all of the requirements of hard science-fiction, because you would die in a space cold in a hard science fiction video game.

Hard-ish science fiction

Bethesda has worked hard to expand Starfield beyond science fiction''s expansive scope. From ships to quantum physics, youll see a lot of elements in the game that are a clear nod to this goal.

Howard attributes the Starfield ships to a certain sense of belonging to human space travel. It''s vital for Starfield not only to create an immersive and believable experience, but also to adapt to hard science fiction''s demands.

Howard discusses his time analysing quantum physics, reading papers, and getting his head around space travel. All of this is to develop a product that will excite amateurs of hard science fiction or just casual indulgences of the genre.

Howard learnt from this research that Starfield might be a result of difficult science fiction. Basically, the player is fueling your spaceship. This quickly became very punitive. So a compromise was made. Now, the fuel and the grav-drive in your ship limits where you can go at once, but it doesn''t run out.

Real fun

Despite their limitations, games are designed to be fun. If you want reality, you should play a simulator game like Brewmaster, where the developer refused to violate the laws of physics for its players, or perhaps pick up a Powerwash simulator. It''s a real chill time.

Even then, many simulator games also have to balance reality with entertainment. So these changes to Starfield appear to be a great indication of what is coming. A space adventure that is realistic and creative while also having the fans'' best interests in mind.