DirectStrorage 1.1 has shown 3x faster loads with new GPU decompression

DirectStrorage 1.1 has shown 3x faster loads with new GPU decompression ...

Microsoft has announced a new version of its DirectStorage API. The company is now considering introducing GPU decompression.

Despite the fact that CPUs are often performed due to the nature of their optimizations, the benefits of passing the decompression over to the graphics cores are immense. Microsoft is demonstrating an up to 200% or 3x performance increase in asset time loading from 2.36 seconds to just 0.8 seconds. Additionally, CPU usage has also decreased significantly from 100% to 15% as the CPU cycles no longer have to deal with decompression.

Microsoft has added that Windows 11 has "additional optimizations," which would improve it even if DirectStorage should both be used on Windows 11 and Windows 10.

AMD and Nvidia are expected to release drivers with DirectStorage, although the new API will benefit the Arc graphics cards particularly, as the current Intel Arc driver appears to be having CPU issues, which is why Arc A-series cards get a significant increase in performance when it approaches higher resolutions.

Even if all this is fantastic news, the technology, even in its 1.0 version, is yet to debut. This is because the first title to feature DirectStorage, Forspoken, is getting too early next year. It''s also confirmed that Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) will also have a DirectStorage API sometime in the future.