Apple TV+ has launched a Shantaram TV show

Apple TV+ has launched a Shantaram TV show ...

Today, the novel Shantaram is a modern classic of fiction. And now, a TV series adaptation of Shantaram is available on Apple TV+, with Charlie Hunnam in the lead role.

Shantaram is set in the underworld of Bombay. Hunnam''s character is a guy called Lin Ford, who escapes from prisoner hunting a fresh start in Australia. However, his links to crime have reeled him back. Ford must confront a burgeoning romance with a mysterious lady called Karla.

The series has been in development for a long time, with production being delayed several times due to the pandemic.

The first three episodes of Shantaram begin today, October 13, and the remainder of the ten-episode season begins weekly, every Friday. Season one covers about a third of the book. We don''t know if Shantaram will be renewed for future seasons in order to tell more of the story.

Shantaram may be seen on Apple TV+ without a subscription. This can be done on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, PlayStation, Xbox, and more. It''s also possible to watch on the web at

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